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What’s in a Trial Session?

Some clients have asked me what we do in trials and what all is involved- here is a quick list…

A trial session is extremely important because you can clearly discuss how you envision yourself on your wedding day with your makeup/hair artist.

  • Bring your outfits to the trial session: this way, your makeup artist can match your eyeshadow to the color of your dress. Also with intricate/heavier outfits, you need the appropriate makeup to match!
  • Bring a camera: Take pictures of your session so you remember what it looked like. A good makeup artist will know how different types of makeup appear in pictures. ‘
  • Fake eyelashes:  I highly recommend trying fake eyelashes for your wedding because when the right ones are used and put properly, they can look very natural and make your eyes pop!
  • Hair accessories: Bring pictures of hair styles that you like so you can discuss whether you need extra accessories or extensions.
  • Makeup Pictures: Bring pictures of makeup looks you like so that the makeup artist can get to know your makeup comfort level:)

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