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Want Perfect Flawless Skin?

Everyone wants to have perfect skin – but what do you do???  Here is what I recommend:

1. Drink Plenty of Water – it hydrates your skin and flushes out all the toxins in your system.

2. Always GENTLY wash your face – Try not to use harsh scrubs or expensive serums.  All you need are products from your health food store – use organic or all natural products for your face. For example, Shea Butter is a wonderful product to hydrate your skin in the winter or if you have dry skin.  For Oily skin use something with products with tomato in it or pineapple, they have natural acids that will clear out the oil.  You can use Vitiman E (Only the Pure liquid kind) as your serum and Primrose Oil is great for wrinkles!

3. Clearsonic Brush – its a bit expensive but its a great tool to have!  It deep cleans all the dirt that collects on your face and can help clear up your skin – even if you have large pores!!

4. Take a multi-vitamin and fish oil capsules – these work great for your skin with the Omega 3:)

5. Always use sunscreen – even in the winter time or when you have no sun

6. Last but not least ALWAYS be happy:)Stress ages you!! So keep smiling!

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