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Secret Mascara Tips! 4 Simple rules

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So everyone wants to know how to get their lashes PERECT! Here are a few tips that can help:)


1. Make sure to get into the inner corners of your eyes!! 

  • Use your mascara wand in the inner corners of your eyes FIRST and that way you wont forget those little tiny baby hairs.  This will ensure that you get the smallest lashes.  Once you cover the inner corners you can continue to the middle of your eye and finally the outer corner.

2. Use your eyelash curler!!

  • Make sure to use your eyelash curler starting from the base and then go out in the middle of the lashes and then finally at the tips.  Hold each squeeze for at least three seconds or the curl wont last.

3. Apply light coats!!

  • Start from the roots and out towards the tips of the lashes.  Go light to avoid any clumps on the lashes.  You can always add more product – its hard to take it off.

4. No Mascara on the bottom!!

  • Dont put mascara on the bottom of the lashes unless its a main event.  This will help the top lashes stand out and bring out the eyes more.  This makes the lashes look more natural and soft.

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