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Reason, Season, Lifetime

So this weekend was one of the most interesting weekends I have had in a long time, my beautiful bride gave me some advice that was so touching to me. She was married at the beautiful Marriot in Naperville and it was the perfect setting.  All serene and holistic.  I have not been a very calm person or a person that believes in any type of meditation but meeting this bride changed my perception of what meditation really is.  As I was getting her ready for her big day I noticed how calm and not bridezilla like she really was.  It was more of “whatever happens …..happens” attitude which is not really what I am use to in the wedding world.  She put on some very interesting music and it was very Yoga like music.  As I listened closer it turned out to be Punjabi Prayers by Snatam Kaur. She is an American lady who has decided to live as a true Sikh person.  Very inspiring.  She has such a beautiful voice that calms you and makes you feel very blissful.  I mean you dont even have to be Indian to really enjoy and appreciate this music.

I want to thank this sweet bride for introducing me to this way of life and hopefully soon I can get my mindset to actually start mediating.  Sometimes in life you meet someone just for one reason and that is to show you a new path that may help you in the future.  People you meet come into your life for a Reason….a Season…..or a Lifetime. Who came into your life today?

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