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    Thank you for visiting my site! I have been in the beauty industry for over 15 years! So you can say I am here to stay since I love it so much :) The flairs of beauty, makeup, and fashion are my passion and I love making others feel gorgeous! I am a natural artist that will assure you the best looks for your events. I have been featured in multiple wedding websites, fashion magazines and have been sought by many clients for my services.

    Here is a little more about me:
    - MAC Certified Artist - have been with MAC for over 10 years
    - Trained in London with Ash Kumar - the Leader in Asian Beauty
    - Trained by DYF - Dress Your Face - Tamanna Roshan @dressyourface
    - Teach multiple Makeup seminars

    I assist with bridal events as well as other special occasions, such as baby showers, fashion shows, proms, and nights out-on-the-town. I do hair, makeup and drapings of South Asian Outfits. I want you to focus on enjoying your special day and leave all-things-beauty to us! We assure you that will be you will look fabulous for your special occasion!

    I also work with photographers, DJs, Wedding Planners as well as a med spa to help you with your special day, so just ask and I would be happy to provide you with more info!

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Expert Nail Tricks!!


So I am so loving our Chicago summer….NOT! Its so cold outside but I still feel like a good mani pedi makes it feel like summer:)here are some tricks I learned that will help you get cozy inside your home and have the perfect nails!

1. Make sure your nails are super clean before you start any mani or pedi – this will help with the nail polish to stay longer! Just apply some nail polish remover on your nails – even if there is no polish!

2. Remove any discolorations- scrub your nails with a some sugar and lemon and it will clean up any weird colors on your nails:)

3. Dry your nails and apply the polish. Make sure that you completely dry the nails as the polish wont go on wet nails.

4. For a perfect coat of polish – always apply in three strokes. Then you can let it dry and then apply the second coat is three strokes. One stroke right in the middle and then one on each side.

5. Try painting with your non-dominant hand first and then you dominant hand. This will minimize any mess ups!

6. Just like with makeup, to make a color look bright, add a white base nail polish.

7. Dry your nails with COLD air! Speeds up the drying time:)

Enjoy your amazing home mani pedi!!!


MAC and Urban Decay Naked Palette Duplicates!!

So many of you always ask about duplicate colors for the MAC Palette that I use on clients, well Urban Decay’s NAKED palette has MANY of duplicates of the colors I use on my clients and at a much lesser cost!

MAC Pro Palettes: $11 each

Urban Decay Naked Palette: $50 – 12 shades


Ok so here are the MAC Duplicates for the UD Naked Palette 1:

  • MAC : Sable = UD: Toasted
  • MAC: Shroom = UD: Virgin
  • MAC: Naked Lunch or All that Glitters= UD: Sin
  • MAC: Kid or Era = UD: Naked
  • MAC: Style Snob or MAC Mauvement Pigment = UD: Sidecar
  • MAC: Cork = UD: Buck
  • MAC: Woodwinked = UD: Half Baked
  • MAC: Tempting or MAC Bronze = UD: Smog
  • MAC: Magnetic Fields = UD: Darkhorse
  • MAC: Sable = UD: Toasted
  • MAC: Smut or Twinks = UD: Hustle
  • MAC: Carbon or MAC Black Tied or MAC Dark Soul Pigment = UD: Creep
  • MAC: Knight Divine = UD: Gunmetal

Here is a little bit more about the UD Colors:

  • Virgin is a pale, shimmered nude beige. It’s very, very light, but it’s such a beautiful neutral. It’s a little frosty for a highlighter, particularly on darker skin tones, but it would make for a great all-over wash or pop of light on the inner tear duct.
  • Sin is a champagne with a touch of pink and a frostier finish. This shade is permanently available.
  • Naked is a matte medium beige-brown. It has a very soft, smooth texture–not at all powdery or chalky.
  • Sidecar is a shimmered, medium bronze brown with almost a red undertone. This shade was in the first edition of the Book of Shadows. (I didn’t see it on Urban Decay’s website at all.)
  • Buck is a matte darkened beige-brown. It’s really a darker version of Naked. It has the same silky smooth texture and rich color pay off of Naked, too.
  • Half Baked is a coppery bronze with a frost-metallic finish. This shade is permanently available.
  • Smog is a medium dark bronze with a gilded bronze sheen. This shade is permanently available.
  • Darkhorse is a darkened deep chocolate brown with flecks of bronze.
  • Toasted is a medium dark pinky brown with a shimmery finish. This shade is permanently available.
  • Hustle is a dark plummy chocolate brown with a soft shimmer finish.
  • Creep is a darkened blue-black base with silver and teal shimmer. Urban Decay said “onyx with gold glitter” but I really didn’t see the gold.
  • Gunmetal is a blue-gray metallic that really must be seen to be appreciated. It almost feels like a duochrome, because it flashes blue but it’s dark and smoldering. This shade is permanently available

THANKS and hope this helps:)


Chef Suzy Singh Photoshoot!

I had the honor of working with Ms Chef Suzy Singh!  She has an AMAZING personality, beautiful features and just a great overall presence.  Suzy and I met in February at the Dulhania Bazaar where we instintly clicked!  It was like we had been BFFs FOREVER! We then knew we had to work together somehow.  We got together with Ken Sandhu Photography, Sapna Sari, Regel Jewels, Bombay Jewelry, Pink Petal Jewelry and Sabah Mendhi Artist and Asyhana Banquets in Downers Grove, IL and created a FASHION meets FOOD photoshoot.

I love Suzy and would love to work with her again anyday!!

Check out my FAN Page for more videos and picture updates!


Why Airbrush?

Airbrush is lightweight yet high in coverage, creates the look of a flawless complexion with a minimum of product. The airbrush application is 100% Oil-Free for a modern, natural matte finish that’s never dry or flat-looking. Incredibly water resistant, sweat and tear proof.

Make sure to upgrade to Airbrush at your event!!:)


Interview with Couture Rani

Whether you’re the girl who’s been planning her wedding day her whole life or the one who doesn’t know where to start, getting all the details right for your big day can be a daunting task. For many South Asian brides, it isn’t usually the venue or the guest list that gets her in a panic, but rather what to wear. Should it be traditional or Western or a mix of both? What will the bridesmaids wear? And considering that bridal fashion in India varies from region to region, it’s hard to know how to incorporate all of those unique elements while also staying true to your individual style. Helping brides-to-be sort through the sartorial confusion is where a bridal stylist comes in. Much like a wedding planner, a stylist fine tunes every detail of a bride’s wedding day style from dress, hair and make-up to help her look her absolute best.



Boutique Makeup and Hair Artist

When you go to a nice little boutique in the city what do you find? The best of the best right? So why do people go to a place to get something that everyone already has….go to a place where can get the most unique and the most beautiful service!

Everyone should know that I am your more boutique makeup/hair artist. We offer you the most customized makeup and hair services and the best customer service.  I am there for you and to make you look amazing! I do fashion, runway, bridal and fashion makeup/hair.  I promise you that you are going to be gorgeous on the day of your special event!


Featured Makeup Artist! **YAY**

I am so honored to be featured on the cover of GlamModelz magazine as the featured makeup artist.  I am so proud that all my hard work and dedication has led to this. I used a combo of MAC Cosmetics and Sugarpill Cosmetics to create the bold and fun summery look!!

Come and look – click the link below