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How has Cancer touched you? Here is my story…..

October is breast cancer month.  I wish there was a ALL cancer month to honor all those that go through all different types of cancer.

As you walk down the street you are passing hundreds of people and almost all of them will have some story of how it has entered their life.  I truly hate saying the word so I try not to say “it”.  I never thought that it would somehow enter my life.  You know people always think that bad things happen to others until it one day knocks on your front door and you are deeply shocked as to how this happened.  You think, did I do something wrong? Only if I had chosen this path instead of that maybe it could have been different?  It all comes down to karma.

“It” entered my life last year in May of 2010 when my dad had his first seizure.  I was working with a bride that day and no one told me about what had happened.  I was also about 4 months pregnant with Jasmira (my third little girl) My cousin had texted me in the evening asking “How is your dad doing?” I looked at the text a bit confused and responded back “I guess he is ok” I thought to myself what an odd question to ask randomly, I mean we never talked about my dad.  It was always about the kids or something.  After I had got done with work I called my mother who did not answer her calls and either did anyone else.  I was getting worried.  Finally I received a call from my brother who had said dad was in the hospital and he had a breathing tube and the doc tors don’t know what is going on.  He was admitted into the ICU and stayed there for about 3-4 days. Well it turned out that he had not taken his medications properly and he was going to be ok and he was released to go home.  We were thrilled!

A few months passed and dad seemed to be doing ok, working and partying just like he always had.  Then in June my dad was sitting in his truck and my brother found him seizing and foaming at the mouth.  My brother called 911 and they thought he had a stroke.  They had him again on a breathing tube and started doing multiple MRIs, CAT Scans and other blood work.  This time the MRI showed a little lesion on the left side of his brain.  We were shocked.  The doctor wanted to do a biopsy but my dad refused. My dad got better in the ICU and was released after a week. He was going to be monitored every month with MRIs and other tests to keep this lesion under control.  We were told that medications could probably help make everything ok.

A few months passed and in October the doctors finally told my dad that the lesion had grown into a tumor and that he had to operate ASAP.  My dad and family were terrified but after much argument with my dad he agreed to be operated on.  The surgery went well.  The weeks following the surgery were difficult for him.  He was always in pain but never said he was.  He was always a trooper.  Never said anything was ever wrong.

A few weeks after the surgery the biopsy revealed that my dad had brain cancer.  The worst thing we feared.  Everyone silently cried.  There was more to the story though.  He had the worst kind.  GBM.  This is rare and incurable and the prognosis is very bad.  The doctors pretty much said to go ahead and start dealing with any final things he wanted to do in his life.  Patients with this type of disease live no longer than 18 months. He never told the family or even showed how scared he really was.  He was always still happy go lucky.

My dad went through all the regular treatments, radiation then all the different types of chemo.  Well none of it really worked.  Only made dad weaker.  Dad is still with us thank God but its been a hard journey for the family.  Dad no longer responds to us like he use to, stays in bed all day and cant do the fun things he wants to.  We love and pray for dad everyday that  somehow some miracle comes and allows him to stay with us as long as he can.

This is my first post ever about my personal life.  I wanted to share it with the world to make sure others know that life isnt always full of sunny days, everyone has cloudy days and even cloudy seasons.  Everyone has a story to tell and I have shared mine.

  • October 26, 2011 - 6:00 pm

    Payal - Amazing piece Sonia – thanks so much for sharing it.

  • December 30, 2011 - 9:48 pm

    Brandy - No complaints on this end, smilpy a good piece.

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