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Expert Nail Tricks!!


So I am so loving our Chicago summer….NOT! Its so cold outside but I still feel like a good mani pedi makes it feel like summer:)here are some tricks I learned that will help you get cozy inside your home and have the perfect nails!

1. Make sure your nails are super clean before you start any mani or pedi – this will help with the nail polish to stay longer! Just apply some nail polish remover on your nails – even if there is no polish!

2. Remove any discolorations- scrub your nails with a some sugar and lemon and it will clean up any weird colors on your nails:)

3. Dry your nails and apply the polish. Make sure that you completely dry the nails as the polish wont go on wet nails.

4. For a perfect coat of polish – always apply in three strokes. Then you can let it dry and then apply the second coat is three strokes. One stroke right in the middle and then one on each side.

5. Try painting with your non-dominant hand first and then you dominant hand. This will minimize any mess ups!

6. Just like with makeup, to make a color look bright, add a white base nail polish.

7. Dry your nails with COLD air! Speeds up the drying time:)

Enjoy your amazing home mani pedi!!!

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